Who we are?

Ogaden Concern Association:


1. Organization Background

Ogaden Concern Association is Danmark based non-governmental, non-political, non-profit making and voluntary organization established in April 2012 to promote viable programmers that mainly focus on development programs. The organization is registered in Danmark.

2. Objectives

a) To advance education

b) To relieve poverty

c) To protect and preserve public health

3. Vision

OCA works with the vision that every human deserves the right to a peaceful, dignified and healthy way of life. And by working together to assist and help those depraved to stand on their feet, and improve the quality of their life, is the best way to create long-lasting solution for the vicious circle and the situation that keep people trapped in poverty from one generation to next.

4. Mission

OCA.s mission is to serve sincerely the most destitute individuals, families and communities throughout the Horn of Africa, with a focus on Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. We endeavor to provide both emergency care and long-term solutions in the areas of health, education, water and sanitation, community development and agriculture.

5. Core values

Respect for community and people regardless to religion, clan sex and age group

Establishment of schools and provision school materials (such as reference books) to the education institutions.

Construction of water wells, and implementation sanitation awareness.

Establishment of health clinics, provision of medical equipments to hospitals, and awareness creation.

Implementation of emergency relief interventions.

6. Key Activities and Performance

Establishment of schools and provision school materials like as reference books, to the education institutions.

Construction of water wells and implementation of sanitation awareness workshops.

Establishment of health clinics, provision of medical equipments to hospitals and promotion of health awareness.

Implementation of emergency relief interventions in drought stricken areas.

7. Area of Operation

OCA’s vision is to operate in the Horn of Africa countries, but currently focuses on Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.

8. Our Approach

OCA implements projects that respond directly to local needs, ensuring community stakeholders’ participation in these programs. We commit to conduct humanitarian activities with integrity, accountability and transparency.

We promote self-sustainable development

We believe in facilitation, allowing the communities to take ownership of the projects themselves, empowering them to face the challenges affecting them and also ensuring that they are sustainable.

The community we serve

We work (Somali Refugee Camps), and Ethiopia (Somalia Regional State). We implement our projects through our field offices or with partnership with local partner NGOs.

Our local partners and program officers on the ground are from local community and first-hand experts to the structure of the community. We coordinate our efforts with the existing governmental structures in the project areas.

9. OCA’s Experience in the Horn of Africa region

OCA (Ogaden Concern Association) is DK-based NGO established in April 2012 with a mission to help and create long-lasting solution for the vicious circle and the situation that keep people trapped in poverty from one generation to the next.

OCA believes that, there are solutions for every problem. Working together to assist and help people stand on their feet, so that they can get their own solution, would be the best way to approach human crises.

OCA carries its work and achieves goals with accountability and transparency. OCA programs focus on emergency relief, livelihoods, child welfare and support, education and WASH in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. OCA delivers its activities through equality and integrity, and local community and participation approaches.

OCA has a field offices and local partners in Kenya, Somali and Ethiopia.

To ensure effective use of its resources, OCA humanitarian emergency works where and when it finds appropriate conditions for success, i.e. a high level of humanitarian need; sufficient access conditions; capacity and partners with adequate response capacity; and sufficient funding available to support an operation. OCA targets the neediest people in the drought affected areas as priority for its humanitarian intervention.

As part of OCA accountability and transparency, the relief emergency operations were covered by the media, which enhanced OCA’s image and makes it with the beneficiaries and local communities and institutions, donors and partners closer to impact of their contribution.

10. Organizational Structure

11. Cooperation, Membership and Partnership

OCA has developed partnerships and cooperation strategies with humanitarian partners and stakeholders in the Horn of Africa region, including the following organizations:

1.Danish Refugee Council DRC. DK

2. Cisu DK.

3. Ogaden Welfare Development Association (OWDA) – Ethiopia.

4. Ogaden Con. Assocation Ethiopia.

12. Projects in 2014/2015.

Orphans Support.

WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene).

13. Accountability.

OCA plans to rollout key accountability documents to its staff, partners and stakeholders in 2014. OCA’s accountability commitment ensures active participation of the partners and to beneficiaries in the program cycle management, and effective implementation and use of the programs and resources when working with local partners and beneficiaries.

Several meetings and workshops on accountability, participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation will be conducted for OCA staff, partners, counterparts and stakeholders. To ensure maximum protection of program participants especially beneficiaries, programme plans and work done will be reviewed by the stakeholders.

14. Funding.

OCA raises funds and support from our members, humanitarian NGOs, individuals and community groups. OCA raises funds for its humanitarian operations and spends the raised money on humanitarian operations and development programs.

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